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What is ? Self preservation? To progenate? To maintain status quo ?

What is motivation? Does purpose motivate? Or motivation defines purpose?

Work is never easy. If play is ones work, then even play will become harder. And that is why when you work, you earn. Earning is with deserving. You deserve , when you work. And when you earn a well deserved reward, it is satisfying.

That is the purpose. To earn.  Fame, Fortune and respect. By hooks or by crooks. More by hooks and less by crooks may be, because purpose is long term. And Monuments do not get built on fickle foundations.

I work because I want? Or I want because I work? Does it matter?

Then what is purpose?

Is the purpose of one’s existence is to want in life? from life? Is that the ultimate answer to the ultimate question?

Even if it is not, the philosophy works fine enough for young professionals. Or rather, workers. We want, so we work, and then demand. And then the cycle continues.


Recently I saw a movie on Bindass Movies, which on a whole was a rubbish movie based on a person who is a sharp shooter in a gang who falls in love. But one thing which captured my attention was how this guy ( hero ) rises in the gang.

Still from movie "Professional Gun"

The hero, believes in his job, i.e. Killing People. But he believes himself to be a professional. He wants to work professionally. Initially on one of his assignment, his boss takes him for a deal where the boss threatens the counter party that if he keeps on blabbering, his guy (hero) would kill him (counter party). Obviously this was just a threat but the hero ( who is a professional ) kills the counter party as he keeps on blabbering and bullshitting them. The biggest mafia don of the city captures our hero and asks him why did he kill his man, he replies – he was an idiot and I am a professional. The Don is impressed and hires him, as the Don himself is a professional and has a professional team.

Overall it was a flop venture but it got me thinking. How many of us consider our job a 9 to 5 job and how many consider ourselves professional? Is there a difference? Does it matter? Does it MAKE a difference ?

Well I do not Know if it makes a difference or not, but I Feel that it does. Over last 4 and a half years of my career , I have met many people both personally and professionally and both inside my own organisation as well as outside. Not all people I have met have impressed me. Some came out as absolute losers, some looked to me in their mid-life crises but a few definitely were impressive. And as I interacted with These impressive people more and more, I realised that they were not doing their job as just the job. They were the professionals of their own field and their whole focus was always in finding solution to a problem which lied in their sphere of work. Because of their professionalist attitude, over the years this sphere of work changes into their expertise.

When some one considers his or her work just as a job, they create a boundary around job roles. Their immediate focus is always to get it over with. They don’t would rather keep their hands clean then getting the solution, if it means stepping out of their boundary. They would also waste time in ‘pleasing’ people as it means less headaches.

But these same people are the people who complain about the proverbial ‘rut’. Who find themselves stuck in the same place and are frustrated.

Professionals on the other hand Know what they are doing. At least , with their professional attitude they develop a skill and a mind-set which allow them to look at anything holistically and are more suitable to adapt as per the situation. They are ‘nimble on their toes’ and more often than not, these are the ones who get the top slot in the end.


Five great questions are Who, What, Where, How and Why.

No matter if you are a Left brained person or a right brained person, every situation or problem can be broken down in above 5 questions and once you have assembled 2 or 3 of the answers to them, the rest falls in place.

That was the easy part. The difficult part is , to decide the order in which you are going to solve these questions. This is the purpose of this post. As everyone knows the 5 great questions, but how many of us “Actually” use them constructively?

Its no use realising the problem and bifurcating it in parts if you get stuck on the wrong question! Now this is where basic conditioning comes and differs from person to person.

Most of us get stuck on Why. Why? Why would he do that? Why did Satyam board not see this? Why is market jumping guns? Why are you writing this blog?

This is the wrong question to get stuck on as this is the Most difficult of 5 great questions. One should always start on some easier ones. And when you have found answers to a few of them, then rest all falls in place.

For example, What? is a nice way to start with. Its generally straight forward and doesnt require opinions. What are you doing? – Reading this blog.

Though at first glance this post would look pointless, but this is my belief that ‘approach’ is very important for finish. Once you have made right approach, towards a destination or a problem, the result is easier to get. And the phrasing and sequencing of Who, What, Where, How and Why helps tremendously in keeping things in perspective which helps in solving any professional or personal problem.

The purpose of any advertising is to increase the visibility, to influence customers and convince them to buy a certain product. Without a proper brand recall, the advertising is a failure even if it was a brilliant piece of creativity. Similarly, a piece of trashy one liner would be a master stroke if it creates a instant visibility and attains a desirable and favorable position for the brand in the minds of consumers/customers. I recall the Tuff shoe ad campaign featuring of Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre. Even though I only read about the controversies in news papers and only saw sensored version of print ad in those news articles, I proudly wore my Tuff shoes in school ( Class 6 I think ). The point is , regardless of whether that particular campaign won a Cannes Lion, It was a brilliant campaign as it certainly boosted sales of a not an awesomely good product.
The genesis of this particular post is the recent “Jaago re ” campaign by TATA Tea. I would call it a brilliant campaign and a successfull one at that and just to support that, the brand in question is visible even in this post without spending a penny for publishing on this particular web page!
Tata tea created a advertisement with the theme of election where in a group of students in typical short kurta attire so typical of students of languages and arts/history (almost every discipline but less common in science and commerce ) in modern indian colleges, invade a congregation of students enjoying life in corridors armed with cups full of Tata Tea and chanting slogans ” Agar aap vote nahi de rahe hai, to aap so rahe hai.. ” ( If you are not voting on election day, then you are sleeping, so drink this tea and wake up). (Jaago Re means Wake up! in hindi )
Their own ad so much inspired them that they converted this into a whole ad campaign with a number of print and media ad including a website ( ) ! It looks like a public awareness program to increase voter awareness and increase voting percentage.
Overall, it was a very nicely executed campaign, its still running as the elections are not over in India. Almost everyone who watches TV for more than one hour daily knows about “Jaago re”.
Because of its success and recollection in people, general expectation was that it would really boost the voting as people would voluntarily go and vote, even some would consider it as a fashion statement ( black marked index finger )
But imagine the shock when after the third round of voting, statistics showed that actually less people voted than the last time!! Only 45% Voting!
Here comes the million dollar question! Was the campaign successful?
Hell yes! Regardless of voting penetration, everyone from a kid to a old man knows that Tata Tea is Jaago re! It is now not demeaning to a young college goer to drink tea rather than “cola”. This campaign has given a boost to “tea” as a whole as since last many years the Cola Giants were targeting the huge population of tea drinkers in India with award winning campaigns like “Paanch” and “thanda matlab”.
It would be interesting to see the sales figures of Tata tea this quarter..

And that’s the bottom-line.

As per a latest news reports, “Anti-Counterfeit Act” in Kenya has been passed. Here

In its present state, this could easily be the end of generic medications in Kenya. Adding to the worry is the fact that similar laws are on the cards in most of the neighboring African nations. This has naturally created a panic in the generic manufacturing community, and India being a major exporter of Medicines to Kenya will be strongly affected.

Its a classic case of what a fuzzy law can do! And what actually good intentions can result into!

Without alluding to anything, the “Conspiracy Theory” that stands is that MNC’s have pushed this law so that their sales are protected from increasing generic penetration in Africa. Because of the broad definition of the above law and a very high possibility of bann on generic medicines under the definition ” Counterfeit” give high credence to the above theory.

The statement from Kenya association of manufacturers urges people to support the bill, while not proposing any improvements. Which may mean that they simply want to be in the good books of govt. Check it here

On the other hand, Health action International gives a meaning full fact sheet which is a welcome and like a light in the dark tunnel. Link

In My Opinion?

Govt is like juggernaut. If it starts rolling into a particullar direction, it will forget the actuall initial direction quite easily because if its own momentum, and you can not stop it head on. You can on the other hand hope to draw it to the right path by coaxing it.

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